• Sonoma State University

    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF THEATRE ARTS & DANCE - Teaching Undergraduate upper and lower division courses in the Acting Concentration at the University. Courses include Text & Scene Study, Physical Theatre, Acting Fundamentals, On-Camera Acting and Production, and Theatre Studies for the Department. Mentoring and advising Acting majors and minors, as well as Directing Theatre Arts Department shows and workshops. AUGUST 2017-PRESENT
  • California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, CA

    ACTING FACULTY 2017 GRADUATING ACTOR SHOWCASE - Served as Teacher and Director for the 2017 graduating Actor BFA and MFA Showcase for the CalArts School of Theater. Position duties included selecting and directing scenes to be presented to Industry professionals in New York and Los Angeles, mentoring students regarding Industry-related careers, overseeing final Showcase production, and working with students and other faculty on the film reel portion of their presentations. JANUARY 2017-MAY 2017
  • New York Film Academy - Los Angeles, CA

    ACTING FACULTY - Taught Movement, Voice and Contemporary Dance, and Directing classes to students in the BFA and MFA Acting programs at NYFA's Los Angeles campus. Led classes of 9-12 students each, developing course-specific syllabus addenda, mentoring students, and leading semester-long, and short-term intensive courses for the Academy. Developed class plans including warm ups, technical exercises, monologue and scene study, performance coaching, guided feedback and grading criteria. OCTOBER 2014-MAY 2017
  • Oberlin College, Department of Theatre and Dance - Oberlin, OH

    GUEST DIRECTOR - Worked with the Theatre and Dance Department as a Guest Director for the Winter Term session at Oberlin College on Macnab's original adaptation of the Tolstoy novella Family Happiness. Led a student cast and crew, and Faculty and professional design team to create a new Physical Theater and ensemble-based staging of the adaptation. - SEPTEMBER 2015-FEBRUARY 2016
  • California State University Long Beach, Theatre Arts Department - Long Beach, CA

    PART-TIME LECTURER - Led students from both the Masters and Undergraduate programs as Guest Director for a two curricular theater productions produced by the University’s Theatre Arts department: By the Bog of Cats…by Marina Carr (for the University Players, February 2014), and The Pavilion by Craig Wright (for CalRep, September 2014). Worked with more than 20 students as director across those projects including designers, actors, crew, and Department Faculty and Staff. - NOVEMBER 2013-DECEMBER 2014
  • Skirball Cultural Center Teaching Our World Through The Arts Professional Development Program - Los Angeles, CA

    WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR; VISUAL ART - Led four-hour workshop on the camera obscura in the Visual Art and Photography Strand of Skirball’s TOWTA Teacher Professional Development program to a group of 30 K-12 educators in Los Angeles schools. Led workshop participants through an overview history of the obscura, its influence in the sciences and arts, and hands-on instruction on building their own camera obscura. Also led brainstorming sessions on how to implement the camera osbcura as a teaching tool across disciplines. - SEPTEMBER 2015
  • 1450 Ocean Avenue Camera Obscura Building - Santa Monica, CA

    WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR - Led multiple craft-based workshops to participants of various ages, from 9 to 65, as part of a Studio Artist’s Residency at the Camera Obscura Building in Santa Monica. Returned as a regular Workshop Instructor in additional craft-based and visual arts workshops including shadow puppetry techniques, kaleidoscope construction, rod puppets, toy theaters, collage, papier-mâché masks, and camera obscuras. Developed lesson plans and instructional take-home materials for each workshop. - MARCH 2015-PRESENT
  • artworxLA - Los Angeles, CA

    TEACHING ARTIST - Developed lesson plans and led class for two 11-week sessions focused on the performing arts with a class of 15 students attending Alternative High School in Los Angeles aged 14-18. Collaborated with classroom teachers, Workshop Coordinators, and the artworxLA cultural partners to develop curriculum and direct the Final Presentations. - SEPTEMBER 2014-MAY 2015
  • Duck Truck Residency Program Heidi Duckler Dance Theater - Los Angeles, CA

    TEACHING ARTIST/PERFORMER - Worked with approximately 20 3rd Grade students from Warren Lane Elementary (February 2015), 350 7th Grade students from Culver City Middle School (December 2014), and an initial workshop at Warren Lane Elementary (August 2014) co-teaching site-specific dance theater curriculum in 4-5 week sessions. Performed sections of At the Oasis, and original choreography, to the students and teachers as part of the Residency. - AUGUST 2014-AUGUST 2015
  • Automata - Los Angeles, CA

    WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR - Developed and led summer workshop series at Automata in Chinatown, L.A., created lesson plans for the series “Storytelling Toys” including Kaleidoscopes, Toy Theaters, and Camera Obscura, led multi-part classes in design, technique, concept and fabrication of storytelling objects in a open level workshop series. - MARCH-APRIL 2015; JULY-AUGUST 2013
  • The Music Center’s World City Festival - Los Angeles, CA

    TEACHING ARTIST - Led a daylong kaleidoscope-building workshop offered freely to families and individuals attending the Exxopolis event curated by The Music Center’s World City Festival. Prepared and helped participants build toy kaleidoscopes, led a team of volunteer staff, and served a high volume of 100-200 participants. - SEPTEMBER 2013
  • CAPSA Program at Ramón C. Cortines School of the Visual and Performing Arts - Los Angeles, CA

    CALARTS STUDENT INSTRUCTOR - Supported lead teacher and a class of 21 students aged 14-18 in theater exercises, program development, classroom organization, and individual student attention/coaching; led puppetry workshop; responsible for program documentation. - JULY 2012