The Fifth String

The Fifth String by Janet Sternburg

Alexis Macnab directed a work-in-progress showing of this project's long development at REDCAT in Downtown Los Angeles - October 8th 2014. With original music by Storytelling BandThe Fifth String, is the story of a long-lost family manuscript which sparks a journey across space and time, linking Spain’s expulsion of Jews and Arabs to the issues of our current day. The production featured design by Kate Fry, and performances by Storytelling Band (Caitlyn Conlin, Steven Van Betten, Cooper Wolken), Rafael Lopez-Barrantez, Mark Simon, Maia Danziger, Andrea LeBlanc, Hilario Saavedra, Emma Green and Christopher Hampton.

The Fifth String showing at REDCAT in 2014 was co-produced by Padua Playwrights, and presented by the LA Islam Arts Initiative.