Rabbit in The Blue

Written by Amanda Jane Shank, and directed by Alexis Macnab, Rabbit in The Blue premiered at the Broadway Civic Center, 207 S. Broadway, in Los Angeles, CA in March, 2013.

Rabbit in The Blue is a five character family drama set in an American mid-West tasting of the 1930s's. A vivid and intimate tale of family secrets and the struggle for self-revelation, Rabbit in The Blue witnesses the mysterious return of Daniel, a young man assumed lost by his family, who turns up in the lonesome field surrounding his childhood home. While his parents and sister grapple with his return, Daniel is haunted by his lost love and the vanishing distinction between what is real and what is imagined.

Developed alongside the production is the companion website www.rabbitintheblue.com which serves as a narrative home for the characters and fictions of the play. Featuring the original cast in photo essays and short films by Shank and Macnab, the webstie is not merely a depository of information but functions as another layer of the narrative describing the dreams, inner emotions, hidden fears and private joys of hte characters.

Cast: Michael Aurelio (Daniel), Genevieve Gearhart (Nora), Casey Jackson (Howard), Jessica Reed (Mary), and Jocelynn Suarez (Laura). Scenic design by Evi Ellias, Costume Design by Kate Fry, Light Design by Maura Reinhart, Sound Design by Jesse Mandapat, Music Composition by Alexander Vassos, Technical Direction by Tom Watson, Stage Managed by Megan Barrett, Produced by Meg Annand and Rachel Sherbill, Production Managed by Raakhi Sinha Kapur. A CalArts Theater School production.