Alexis Macnab - Director, Lead Puppet Designer, Builder

Moira MacDonald - Puppet Designer, Builder

Stephanie Petagno - Puppet/Costume Designer, Builder

Lena Sands - Costume Designer

This project has received generous support from The Jim Henson Foundation, the Automata Residency Program, the CalArts Center for New Performance, and the City of Santa Monica Department of Cultural Affairs. Using the language of puppetry, Macnab adapted Amanda Jane Shank's script featuring Bunraku-style figures, shadow puppetry and miniatures.

  • The Little Prince - Oberlin, OH, 2011

Alexis Macnab - Director, Builder

Anya Kazimierski - Designer, Builder

The Little Prince was produced at the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival in 2011. Large-scale shadow puppets depicted various scenes from the Little Prince's planet, and his adventures on earth.  "Humanettes" portrayed the people on the planets visited by the Little Prince, a combination of costume and puppetry that uses the pupeteer's own head as the face of the puppet while he controls a doll body and limbs. 

  • Sneaky Nietzsche - Los Angeles, CA, 2010

Sheila Vand - Artistic Director

Alexis Macnab - Puppet Designer, Builder

In 2010 Macnab was commissioned by Sheila Vand, creator of the performance art collective Sneaky Nietzsche, to create shadow puppets for one of their Halloween shows. Using a template of Edward Gory drawings, party goers could create their own monsters by rearranging the puppet parts.

  • The Yellow Wallpaper - Los Angeles, CA, 2011

Alexis Macnab - co-Creator, Designer, Builder

Tempe Hale - co-Creator, Designer, Builder

Amber Larosa - co-Creator, Desinger, Builder

This workshop for a shadow puppet adaptation of Charlotte Perkins' The Yellow Wallpaper was developed at the California Institute of the Arts. The piece includes an immersive shadow-screen "cave" and mask-shadow puppets inspired by ShadowLight Theater Artistic Director Larry Reed's work.

  • The Tempest - Oberlin, OH, 2009

Paul Moser - Director, Designer

Alexis Macnab - Puppet Master, Puppet Director

Benjamin Stuber - Puppet Builder, Painter, Costume Designer

A variety of puppets were called for in the production of Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival. Macnab led a team of artists and technicians to build rod puppets, giant mechanical puppets, and performing toys. 

  • Shipwreck - Brooklyn, NY, 2009

Alexis Macnab - Director, Designer, Builder 

Macnab's dance-theater/shadow-puppet adaptation of the Tristan and Iseult legend, Shipwreck, was produced in Brooklyn's Triskellion Arts theater. The show featured dozens of shadow puppets, as well as a rod-puppet bird. The live puppetry was integrated into the action via a "puppet window" which was active throughout the piece. 

  • Ralph & Isabel - New York, NY, 2008

Alexis Macnab - Director, Designer, Builder

IDixon Place's PuppetBLOK Festival presented a workshop of Ralph & Isabel in 2008, based on Macnab's first adaptation of Henry James' The Portrait of a Lady. Scenery was provided by large-scale Joseph Cornell-inspired dioramas, and the action alternated between performers and shadow puppets.

  • Plath/Mouth - Oberlin, OH, 2000

Jessie Marshall - Director, Playwright

Alexis Macnab - co-Puppet Designer/Builder/Puppeteer

Sarah Bendix - co-Puppet Designer/Builder/Puppeteer

Sarah Bendix and Alexis Macnab were brought on as Puppet Masters for a Theater School supported prodcution at Oberlin College, which featured a variety of puppets including hand puppets, rod puppets, dolls, masks and cranky-controlled scenery.