Madame Merle's House of Fortune

Third in the Portrait of a Lady Salons, Madame Merle's House of Fortune popped-up in Automata Arts in Chinatown, Los Angeles for a one-night-only audience interactive performance happening. Tarot cards, self-portraits, a wishing-tree, video-installation, and life drawing filled a space fronted by a paperdollhouse exhibit featuring some of Madae Merle's pearls of wisdom. Exploring fate, destiny, identity, charletry, snake oil, and small miracles, the evening offered revelations to a steady stream of adventure-seakers and furthered the group's investigation of Henry James' masterpiece The Portrait of a Lady.

Featuring Emma Green, Moira McDonald and Alexis Macnab. Thanks to Janie Geiser, Susan Simpson and Miranda Wright at Automata Arts. Photographed by Amanda Jane Shank. Additional photos by Alexis Macnab and Sara Rashkin. Presented on Saturday, August 17th, 2013.