Night Fractal

Night Fractal is the story of the very beginning – the first moment of the journey. Each speaker communicates uniquely; The Storytellers use text from the Old Testament, the Rig Veda, ancient Babylonian verse, and other narratives of creation; the Scientist muses on cosmology and fractal geometry; Sadie relates her own intimate thoughts and memories. But each story parallels the other. They describe the points of contact and connection that run through all of our lives, and how we use different languages to tell the same story.

Presented at Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH – February 2001

Remounted at The Performance Loft, Chicago, IL – February 2003

Designed, Choreographed, Adapted and Directed by Alexis Macnab, with additional writing by Abby Geni.

Original score by Corey Dargel and Stefan Tcherepnin.