Hôtel de l'Avenir

A clown, a cuckold, a chorus girl, a runaway and a writer find solace for the night in the City of Light in this celebration of urban isolation and the tenacity of hopeful dreaming. Told with shadow puppets, cancan, and accordion, Hôtel de l'Avenir is a cabaret about loving and leaving the city of your dreams.  Written and performed by yours truly, Hôtel played to full houses in New York and earned "four stars" (ThreeWeeks) and glowing reviews at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011 (CalArts Festival Theater) and at Under St. Mark's in New York, NY in 2010 (HorseTrade). Edinburgh cast: Alexis Macnab, Genevieve Gearhart, Laurel Koener. New York cast: Alexis Macnab, Sarah Lannon, Mary Notari.