HORSE was a multi-media exhibition/installation exploring this majestic and evocative animal and its various associations. Pressented at Automata in L.A.'s Chinatown on February 2nd, 2014, HORSE was a showcase of visual art, kinetic sculpture, animation, and interactive displays and mask making celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Horse and other equine inspirations, from the quotidian to the mythic to the divine. 

Featuring new work by Alexis Macnab, Thadeus Frazier-Reed, Peiyi Wong, Jessica Li, So-Ok Kim, Dr. Kazuki Tanaka and Lady Evelyn Elias, Steven Zapata, Ahmed Aldoori and E.Martin Gimenez.

Curated by Alexis Macnab.

504 Chung King Court  Los Angeles, CA 90012