Honest Ghosts

Honest Ghosts

Hamlet. Haunted.

Honest Ghosts is a site-specific Hamlet installation set in a sprawling mansion overlooking the Hollywood Hills. Restless spirits. Tricks. Treats. Performed Wednesday, October 30th 2013 at Castle Ivar in Hollywood.

Named one of the TOP 10 things to do in Los Angeles by HUGECITY.

Featuring: Harley Ware, Christine Harms, Nils Jansson, Jocelynn Suarez, Gilbert Molina, Paul Turbiak and Matthew Bamberg-Johnson.

Special Thanks: Jimmy Malson, Cristina Frias, Juan Parada, Alex Demers, Amanda Shank, Chris Dreisbach, Michael Aurelio, Julianne Just, Kestrel Leah, and Owen Granich-Young

All photographs by Amanda Jane Shank