This project is the proud recipient of a 2018 CalArts Alumnx Council Seed Grant, and a Summer 2018 RAW Artist Resiency at San Francisco's SAFEhouse Arts. THANK YOU!!

In 2015 I began developing a physical theater and performing object-based theatrical experiment with tandem inspirations: the need to become friends with our human pain, and the inherent fragility of our concept of home. 

This project, currently called home, is being developed in collaboration with composer/designer Thadeus Frazier Reed, and uses puppetry, animation, and mapped projection to explore themes of exile, transience and displacement. 

Check back for updates on the project, and a link for tickets to our May 2018 showing! 

2015 workshop participants included:

Thadeus Frazier Reed, Erica Carpenter, Nils Jansson, Caitlyn Conlin, Tane Kawasaki, Hilario Saavedra, Kori Denise, Sam Breen, Jacob Gibson, Nora King, Mark Simon, Ryan Masson, Nikhil Pai, Donna Simone Johnson, and Alexis Sifuentes.

2016 choreography workshop cast:

Carolina Inoue, Page de la Harpe, Bruce Ng, Ravyne Payne, Valita Stoke, Dulce Sosa