The Fasting Girls

Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Project

The Fasting Girls is made possible with generous support from The Puffin Foundation.

The Jim Henson Foundation

The Automata Residency Program

The CalArts Center for New Performance

 and The City of Santa Monica Department of Cultural Affairs.

On March 12th 2016, Alexis Macnab presented a workshop showing of Amanda Jane Shank's play THE FASTING GIRLS at Automata in Los Angeles.

Recipient of a 2016 Workshop Grant from The Jim Henson Foundation

Using the language of puppetry, The Fasting Girls follows Eva, a girl traversing the border between youth and adulthood in an emotionally desolate society. While Eva is courted by a much older Amos, her younger sister Molly notices that Eva has stopped eating. What begins as an internal investigation of physical and spiritual endurance becomes a public act when Eva’s own caretakers praise her as a local miracle. The Fasting Girls explores the collision between religion, medicine, body and soul, and the fragile tether of love between them. 

The workshop presented an excerpt of the script and featured design by Tanya Orellana, Stephanie Petagno, Trey Gilmore, Chu-Hsuan Chang, Colbert Davis, Moira MacDonald, Lena Sands, Thadeus Frazier-Reed and Alexis Macnab; and was performed by Alexander Demers, Kori Denise, Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, Jesse Kingsley, Moira MacDonald, Lisa McNeely, Stephanie Petagno, and Hilario Saavedra.  

SPECIAL THANKS to The Jim Henson Foundation, Janie Geiser, Susan Simpson, Miranda Wright and Automata, Naomi Okuyama and the Studio Residency at 1450 Ocean, the Camera Obscura Building in Santa Monica, and Travis Preston and the CalArts Center for New Performance for their support in the development of this project. 

Previous workshops include

  • April 2015 - Automata Residency Program. Including work by Moira MacDonald, Hilario Saavedra, Nora King, Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, Stephanie Petagno, and Zach Schwartz. 
  • March 2015 - Studio Residency at the 1450 Ocean Camera Obscura Building in Santa Monica. Macnab brought on puppet artist Moira MacDonald as co-Designer for this build-centered Residency. Visual research, construction progress, and performance techniques were on display for visitors to the Studio. During this residency, Macnab taught three workshops in shadow-puppetry, kaleidoscopes, and rod puppet construction.
  • November 2014 - Artist Residency with the CalArts Center for New Performance. Macnab and playwright Amanda Jane Shank were invited to develop scenic and visual gestures with CalArts Theater Students.