Echoes Walking Tours


Echoes Walking Tours: Voices from Echo Park Lake is a mixed-reality experience currently in development that treads the line between history and fiction, and puts you in the center of the story. The question is, do you remember how you got here?

Participate in an audio walking tour through Echo Park, Los Angeles. Explore a neighborhood gem in a half-hour stroll through space, time, and memory. Chose the Voice Guide that resonates with you, learn some local history, and experience the physical space augmented by historical imagery. The more you explore, the more you discover deeper stories embedded within the landscape. But this walking tour isn't just a leisure activity, its a personalized postcard from a different time and place. 

Inspired by the psychological condition known as dissociative fugue, Echoes asks us to consider if the life we remember is really the only one we’ve lived, or if there might be other lives, other selves, hiding behind the surface of our reality.

Written and Designed by Alexis Macnab